The Historical Statistics of the United States (5 Vol. Set)


  • Millennial Edition
  • Edited by Susan B. Carter、Scott Sigmund Gartner、Michael R. Haines、Alan L. Olmstead、Richard Sutch、Gavin Wright
  • Published January 2006
  • 5000 pages 279 x 215 mm
  • 5 Hardback books
  • ISBN-10: 0521817919
  • List Price : USD 825
  • 知訊編號 #232


  • Long the standard source for quantitative indicators of American history, a new edition of Historical Statistics of the United States is something that reference librarians, historians, and social scientists have long awaited. Not since the Bicentennial Edition was published in 1975 has new data and material been available. Utilizing information from the 2000 Census, this essential reference has been updated for the new millennium providing rich materials for both contemporary and historical researchers. This is a monumental work of collaborative scholarship providing a comprehensive compendium of statistics from over 1,000 sources recording every aspect of the history of the United States from population t- prices; from voting patterns t- Vietnam veterans; from energy t- education; from abortions t- zinc and everything in between. Over 80 scholars have contributed their efforts and expertise t- select, assemble, and document the data, t- write the introductory essays, and t- analyze the material.
  • Updated version of an essential reference work
  • New topics have been added, including American Indians, slavery, poverty, and non-profit organizations
  • Chapters introduced by essays that review the quantitative history of a subject, review historical literature, and offer expert advice


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